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Find photos similar to those you stumble upon online or you store as local files with the help of this Chrome addon that offers support for multi-engine reserve image search and more.

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NooBox for Chrome Description

If you want to enrich your image collection based on a theme but what you have in mind is difficult to describe, you could use another photo as a starting point. For that, you need to carry out a reverse image search with the help of a dedicated software solution.

NooBox for Chrome is a browser extension that can do just that for you, letting you find images similar to any photo you may store locally on your PC or that you stumble upon online.

Reverse image search on multiple engines

As mentioned, NooBox is a Chrome addon that is able to look for images identical or similar to a model you provide on multiple search engines. Google, Baidu, Bing, Tineye, Yandex, Saucenao, and IQDB are among your sources.

All you need to do in order to start using the extension is click on its icon in the toolbar, at which point you should upload your image so that you can find copies on the Internet.

The other approach you can take to this tasks implies that you simply right-click any picture you set your eyes on online, with the possibility of sorting the results based on relevance, area, width, and height.

Helps you extract any image you find online

Other than that, the Chrome extension can also extract images from any website you are visiting as well as take a screenshot of your browser and search for similar content.

The app is capable of storing each and every task it completes so that you easily check which images have already been analyzed, but you can clear the log at any point. It is important to mention that, in spite of this feature’s specific, NooBox does not collect info on your activity in any way.

Chrome addon packed with some nifty features

On an ending note, NooBox for Chrome is a lightweight browser extension helping you track the source of any image using reverse-search tools while also letting you extract photos from any page as well as take a snapshot of your screen and offer it as a starting point for your inquiry.

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