TCP/IP Manager

Simple-to-use network manager that features support for multiple network profiles, which allows users to better keep track of them.

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TCP/IP Manager Description

TCP/IP Manager brings to the table a solution for keeping track of all network configuration profiles in an orderly fashion. Backed by a simple interface and intuitive options, the tool can be handled by all type of users, even the ones with minimum background in network utilities.

There is also a portable counterpart available, in case you want to bypass the installer and run TCP/IP Manager directly from a USB flash disk.

Installing the app is done rapidly and without issues. The main application window contains three tabs linked to profile, TCT/IP and proxy settings, respectively.

Firstly, you can create as many network profiles as you want and give them names. As far as profile settings are concerned, you can show the current profile in the tray menu and enable a hotkey for it.

When it comes to TCP and IP configuration, you can select the network connection name, as well as edit IP and DNS addresses or set the app to obtain them automatically. In the last tab you can enable a proxy server and write down all the necessary information (server address and port), and optionally bypass it for local addresses. All changes are applicable with the click of a button.

In addition, you can save the network profile to CMD or BAT to immediately activate it, and import system settings in the current or new network profile. Some adjustments can be made to the entire program as well. TCP/IP Manager is able to automatically run at system startup until further notice, hide balloon tips in the tray, as well as to optimize memory usage by offloading to pagefile, among others. These options can be restored to default.

CPU and RAM usage is kept to a minimal level. The app is stable and performs any operation smoothly. We have not come across any issues in our tests. Although it is not particularly attractive, TCP/IP Manager lives up to its word and lets users easily manage network connections.

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