UNIX/Linux-like tail DOS command for Windows, which displays the last lines of a specified file and can track a file for changes.

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Tail Description

Tail is a free-to-use command-line utility capable of showing the last lines of a file as well as to monitor a file for modifications (such as a log). It can also capture a file from any specified number, in order to dump it into another file.

It supports most commands compatible with UNIX/Linux systems. The downloaded package include the CLI’s executable file, along with a help manual for less experienced users.

The usage syntax is: tail [-f] [-c|-b|-k|-l|-m|-n [+/-]num] [file] and tail +[num]c|b|k|l|m|n[f] [file] and tail -[num]c|b|k|l|m|n[f] [file]

Calling the app’s process without any commands will show the most recent 10 lines of the indicated file. Except for “-f”, designed to monitor file changes, all options are mutually exclusive.

For example, “-b [+/-]num> and +/-[num]b” displays the file in question starting with the location defined by “num”. Adding the “-” sign to “num” instructs the tool to reveal the last num blocks of the file. Otherwise, if “-” is replaced with “+” , the program shows the file starting with the specified block (one block is 512 bytes).

Furthermore, “-c [+/-]num” and “+/-[num]c” are similar to the “b” option, and the only difference is that “num” is represented in bytes instead of clocks.

The remaining options along with examples and possible exit status values are available in the product manual.

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