NetCrunch WMI Tool

Find out valuable data about your hardware, processes, services and critical events that occur on your computer or a remote machine via this tool.

  • NetCrunch WMI Tool
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AdRem Software

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NetCrunch WMI Tool Description

NetCrunch WMI Tool is a lightweight application that employs the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) standard to retrieve valuable system info for local and remote computers.

Provides you with a plethora of useful info about your PC

After a fast and forthright installation, you are welcome by an intuitive interface that is designed as a dashboard for enhanced convenience. You can select one of the various categories of data from the left side and analyze the information in detail from the left panel.

The program permits you to retrieve a wide variety of information about computers such as General info, Processes, Services, Event Log, System Hardware and Operating System. In addition, it includes a WMI Explorer where you can perform an impressive array of queries on various components, processes and services available on local and remote machines.

It is worth mentioning that the queries are displayed as lists that feature a plethora of helpful information, including the parent process, command line if it is available, kernel, CPU time, threads, I/O operation count, so on and so forth.

Allows you to check the logs for critical events

A further noteworthy function is the Event log that enables you to verify particular activities that are carried on the computers in your network in the last 24 hours or between a custom time range. The events that you can explore are related to applications, hardware, Internet Explorer, Key management service, system and Windows PowerShell.

Last, but not least important, you can learn more about the services available and hence, decide whether they should be enabled or disabled by accessing the Properties from the context menu. Therefore, you can change the type of startup and find out more about its dependencies.

A nifty WMI explorer that can help manage your computer better

In the eventuality that you are administering a network or perhaps need to perform various queries while developing your new application, then NetCrunch WMI Tool enables you to grab various data about local and remote computers with minimal effort on your part.

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