A reliable and user-friendly software solution that helps you quickly organize your files, tag them, then easily locate them when needed.

  • TagSpaces
  • Version : 2.9.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :TagSpaces Authors

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TagSpaces Description

If you have a lot of files and folders on your computer, chances are it takes a long time until you locate a specific document, especially if you do not use a dedicated application for managing your data. TagSpaces is one of the software utilities that can help you search for files much faster than before while also assigning them tags and previewing their contents.

The application installs smoothly, without any issues, and you can get to its intuitive graphic interface within seconds.

You need to start by indexing a chosen folder and specifying a project name, then you can explore the directory’s contents with ease. All files are sorted by their format and with a single mouse click, you can open a document, add tags, rename or delete the file, as well as access the containing folder.

When it comes to assigning tags, you can get creative and add priority level to your files, completion status or deadline, so you can organize them with ease while also making sure you complete all your projects in due time.

Additionally, TagSpaces comes with several types of viewing modes, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs, be it grid, list or folder visualization. While the first two options are suitable to explore the file information for each item, you can resort to the last one whenever you want to get a clear overview of a chosen folder and its sub-directories.

All in all, TagSpaces can come in handy to all those who want to keep all the data on their computer neatly organized, whereas the added tags can come in handy when they want to find a project within seconds. Images can also be previewed within the same window of TagSpaces, so no third-party apps are launched.

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