IP Messenger

Communicate with colleagues or friends in your network, exchange files and screenshots with this messenger application based on the TCP/IP protocols.

  • IP Messenger
  • Version :4.60
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Shirouzu Hiroaki

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IP Messenger Description

IP Messenger provides you with a compact chat tool with a self-explanatory name. This LAN messaging client enables you to keep in touch with other users in your network, send files and image-embedded messages.

Efficient messaging client that lives within your computer’s tray

The application runs silently in the system tray and notifies you when a new message is received and when the message is successfully delivered. The context menu reveals multiple options, where you can access the log and set a custom status for when the computer is idle.

Clicking on the tray icon reveals a list of all the connected workstations that you can initiate a conversation with (the application detects the users that have IP Messenger installed on their system), together with their corresponding group, host name and IP address.

Send messages and files with just a few mouse clicks

When receiving a message, you can either open it, close it or reply to the interlocutor. In order to protect your privacy, the communication can be password-protected and messages can be encrypted.

Additionally, IP Messenger enables you to quickly and easily transfer files and folders to other computers in the network, as well as capture multiple screen regions and send them as a single message.

Lightweight and fairly customizable LAN messaging client

A user search tool, message and action history, message and transfer priority levels, action logging, are other advantages that this application comes with. Also, it includes a download status monitoring tool that keeps track of all the file transfers, as well as an utility for storing unopened messages.

The application’s appearance is customizable, as you can modify the font type and size for both the list and the message editing sections.

Combining ease of use with useful features, IP Messenger allows you to easily communicate and transfer files to other network users. The screen capturing tool, together with its transfer capabilities make it a must-have tool for all network administrators.

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