System Crawler

Explore data about your computer’s processor, RAM, BIOS, hard disks and partitions, as well as components, network and security information.

  • System Crawler
  • Version :2.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Ritik Jain

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System Crawler Description

When working on a new computer, most people take the time to discover the current configuration’s details, so as to know what to expect in terms of speed, stability and overall performance.

System Crawler is one of the apps you can turn to when you want to get all the data related to your current PC in a single place.

Portable and intuitive app for viewing system info

This application’s main advantage is that it does not require any installation, meaning that if you store it on your USB flash stick, you can run it on any PC you happen to work on.

In other words, it does not clutter the Windows Registry, nor does it depend on any existing software, except for .NET Framework which is quite common on all latest systems.

System Crawler comes with a user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface) that groups all available data in relevant tabs, so as to make it easier for you to locate the bit of info you are looking for.

Get details about CPU, RAM, partitions, network

As previously mentioned, the app interface is organized in tabs and you can easily browse the info related to hardware, system, memory, hard disk, network, UAC and security or components. All of these tabs come with specialized menus that, in turn, offer you the possibility to analyze certain types of data.

Due to System Crawler, you can view the current processor type, its current clock speed and voltage, as well as RAM block size and cache type or available fixed and removable hard disks.

In terms of network, you can examine info related to the adapter type, GUID, MAC address, manufacturer name and connection ID.

Presents handy info, without any way of extracting it

Despite the large amount of data that can be provided by System Crawler, it does not support export, so you can only read the info, but you cannot save or extract it to a standalone file, that you can use for later review.

All in all, System Crawler is bound to be appreciated even by the more exigent users, due to the many types of system information it displays, all packed within a straightforward interface.

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