Insert time codes, speaker names or other details into Excel spreadsheets or Word documents using simple keyboard shortcuts, with this useful tool.

  • SyncScribe
  • Version :3.68
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MujoLabs Inc

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SyncScribe Description

Professionals who perform video transcriptions and translations have to deal with a lot of repetitive tasks, and any tool that can help you save a few seconds when writing a line of text is bound to come in handy.

SyncScribe is a useful application created to speed up the text authoring process by enabling you to perform a number of common operations using easily accessible hotkeys.

Streamlined program that can interface with several media players

SyncScribe is primarily designed to help people who need to follow video or audio tracks and write lines or various notes in a document at the same time.

The utility can be used together with Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player and Media Player Classic. It detects these programs automatically and allows you to insert time codes or speaker names accompanied by the current video position into documents, as well as copy them to the clipboard.

Versatile tool that can work with Microsoft Office applications

While SyncScribe can be used with a variety of text editors and does not require Microsoft Office to be installed on your computer, you can take advantage of this extra functionality and easily insert time codes or speaker names into Excel spreadsheets or Word documents.

Simple utility that may end up saving you a lot of time

SyncScribe is an application that has a small impact over the short term, but its beneficial effects become clear at the end of the day. Even though you may only save a few seconds per task, an entire job is completed much faster.

Because pretty much all common operations can be performed with keyboard shortcuts, there is less need to switch between various applications.

On the whole, SyncScribe is a nifty piece of software that can have a significant beneficial effect on your productivity. It is primarily aimed at transcribers or translators and makes the process of authoring text of time-coded videos or audio files much simpler, as it enables you to perform common tasks with the aid of keyboard shortcuts.

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