Cut long videos or audio files into shorts, add a recap at the beginning of each file and enjoy watching or listening to them during quick breaks, with the help of this nifty application.

  • Shorts
  • Version :0.6.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Alex Kaul

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Shorts Description

Nowadays, it is often impossible to find the time to watch your favorite shows or listen to an audiobook, and even you are on a break, you can easily get carried away and cut into your work time.

Shorts is a handy utility that enables you to split large video or audio files into multiple pieces, which can be enjoyed even when you have very little time at your disposal.

User-friendly application that can be configured very easily

Naturally, the last thing you need is to waste valuable time setting up a program that is supposed to help you enjoy your breaks. Thankfully, Shorts is very easy to use, so even novices should get the hang of things almost immediately.

You can add new videos or audio files by dragging them onto the application window, and if you wish to maintain the same format and quality, you only need to define the duration of the created shorts.

The shorts can be anywhere from five to sixty minutes long, and it is possible to add a recap at the beginning of each output file, so that you can remember where the previous one left off.

Offers support for several popular formats and allows you to convert your files

Shorts can open media files saved to multiple commonly-used formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, MP3 and WAV. When it comes to the created shorts, the application allows you to export them to MP4, AVI and MP3.

Of course, you can preserve each file’s original format, which is recommended if you want the job to be completed as quickly as possible. However, you also have the option of altering the video resolution and audio quality.

Split your videos and audio files into bite-sized pieces and enjoy them during breaks

When it comes down to it, Shorts is a relatively simple application, but it does its job well, in a quick and efficient manner. It allows you to turn your video and audio files into shorts, which are much easier to watch or listen to when you have very little time at your disposal.

It supports a fair number of file formats, and it can even add a recap at the beginning of each short so that you can always keep track of where you left off.

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