Swiff Chart Pro

A program that lets you create eye-catching charts in SWF format, providing support for a variety of chart types and a few samples to get you started.

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Swiff Chart Pro Description

Swiff Chart Pro is a program designed to help you create charts and save them to multiple formats, including SWF. It can be handled by first-time and skilled users alike.

Once the program is initialized, you can use the step-by-step wizard to input some parameters. Thus, you can select the chart type between column, bar, line, pie, XY (scatter), area, doughnut, bubble, stock and combination. In the following steps, you can import data manually or from file.

Users are allowed to edit sheets even after the chart creation. Each chart type comes with a wide range of styles, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

In addition, you can change colors and effects (patterns, markers, axis, data labels), as well as display series labels and configure options regarding the number format, borders and shading, labels font and alignment.

Swiff Chart Pro provides some basic drawing tools, such as line, draw, rectangle, circle, text, images, shapes and callouts.  From the ‘Options’ tab, you can enable animation and modify the properties (e.g. looping, frame rate). Once the project is completed, you can export it as a Flash movie, image, PowerPoint file, SVG or PDF document.

The complex software application uses a moderate amount of system resources, is pretty responsive to commands and supports keyboard shortcuts. No error dialogs have been displayed during our tests and Swiff Chart Pro fessional did not freeze or crash. There is also a help file available. First-time users need a while to get accustomed to the app’s features.

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