Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition

Monitor the usage of proxy servers and generate detailed reports about users, their location, protocol and requests using this application.

  • Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition
  • Version :5.2 Build 0573
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ExactTrend

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Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition Description

Administrating a server can be a challenging job, especially if you don’t have an appropriate set of tools that can help you simplify your tasks.

Fortunately, nowadays there is a broad collection of software solutions that can yield quick, satisfactory results in the situation mentioned above. One of them is Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition.

Explores and analyzes proxy logs

Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition enables you to access raw proxy log files and processes them in order to provide you with detailed reports on various parameters related to your server.

Its reports are dynamic and are being generated as you go, making it easy to interact with them and retrieve real-time data without significant efforts. The reports also contain subreports that can be visualized by right-clicking the parent category and selecting the desired items from the newly opened list.

Performs various actions

Among its capabilities, you can benefit from automatic log format recognition, compressed log extraction, batch processing and log retrieval from multiple sources, whether it’s a local or network path, an FTP server or an HTTP one. Reports can be customized so only relevant data will be displayed whenever generating a report.

Among the information it can provide you with you can find summary stats, raw logs, visitors, requests, bandwidth usage, site categories, file types, protocols, extensions, response codes, search engines, destination IPs, visitors’ countries, operating systems or browsers.

Additional functions

Aside from its core functions that let you access logs and generate reports, this application also features a handful of auxiliary ones that can help you enjoy a richer experience. Among the extra features mentioned earlier, you can find a Whois tool that lets you find additional information by inputting an IP address or a host address, an HTML export tool, as well as an auxiliary database updater.

Log analyzer with additional functions

To sum it up, Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition is a handy tool that can help you analyze proxy log files in an efficient manner. It can generate detailed reports containing a wide range of relevant data, while also providing you with auxiliary functions, such as a Whois tool or an HTML exporter.

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