Search for subtitles for video files on your computer by turning to this application that features support for several search methods.

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Subtle Description

Watching movies on your computer can be an entertaining way to spend your free time. However, sometimes, in lack of certain language skills or due to low volume settings, you might need to load a subtitle.

Subtle is a lightweight application that lets you search for subtitles on the Internet and download them in a quick, convenient manner.

Simplistic layout

This program comes with a minimalistic, user-friendly interface that packs a handful of straightforward functions, which you can easily understand and operate, regardless of your PC skills or previous experience with similar software.

It requires no complicated configuration since its purpose is simply letting you search for subtitles on the Internet and download them on your computer without significant efforts.

Multiple search methods

Subtle lets you search for your desired subtitles in various ways, by file hash, IMDb ID or full-text search. You can toggle these search methods from the corresponding category in the Preferences menu.

After you launch the application, you can open a video file from your computer, so that it can be identified by its hash and provided with appropriate subtitles. If you want to perform a full-text or IMDb ID search, you need to type the desired content in the Text Search or IMDb ID field, depending on your preferences.

Download resulting subtitles

After you perform the steps described above, you can hit the Search button on the main window, so that the application can provide you with a list of corresponding subtitles, along with additional details, such as name, language, uploader, upload date, downloads and rating.

If you want to download a subtitle file, you can do so by selecting it and clicking the corresponding button. The application will save it in the same folder as the selected video file. Additionally, this program also integrates into Windows shell, so if you want to download a subtitle quickly, you just need to right-click the desired video file and select the Download Subtitle option.

Handy subtitle search and download utility

All things considered, Subtle is a lightweight, yet efficient application that can help you search for subtitles online and download them to your computer in an effortless manner. It integrates into Windows shell, comes with a simple interface, packs intuitive functions and features support for several search methods.

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