Create works of art using regular images and videos, with this interesting application that employs multiple artistic styles to transform media files.

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STYLE Description

We may not all have what it takes to create inspiring works of art, but those of us who are not artistically inclined can take advantage of applications designed to generate interesting content by processing existing media files.

STYLE is a simple-to-use program that is capable of turning photos and videos into works of art by employing the styles of famous artists or applying various filters. It lacks some polish at present, but it is very fun to play around with.

Process your photos and videos with minimal effort

The application supports several popular media formats, including JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, MP4, MPG and AVI. Despite what its name might suggest, the “Load Image” button can be used to import both pictures and videos, but drag and drop actions can also be employed.

Next, you need to select one of the available artistic styles in order to determine how the loaded media file should be processed. Naturally, the operation may take some time, but minimal user input is required.

Offers numerous artistic styles and can process multiple items in succession

A fairly comprehensive collection of filters is included, and truly unique images and videos can be generated by running files through several processes.

When styling a clip or photo, you have the option of using the media file’s original colors, and there are multiple resolution presets to choose from. However, the output dimensions cannot be fine-tuned.

Easy-to-use application that features a streamlined UI

First-time users should find the available functions to be fairly self-explanatory, especially if they read the provided instructions. The UI layout is very straightforward, and you can open the output folder by clicking on the processed image, but it is not possible to change the default location.

All in all, STYLE is a fun application that enables you to create works of art by processing regular images and videos. It offers an impressive array of filters, and it is quite intuitive.

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