DENOISE Projects Professional

Remove luminance, color, banding, holes or hot pixels noise from your images and transform them into breathtaking photos with this utility.

  • DENOISE Projects Professional
  • Version :1.21.02653
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Franzis Verlag GmbH

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DENOISE Projects Professional Description

DENOISE Projects Professional is an advanced application developed for users who are passionate about capturing wildlife, live concerts, landscapes, night scenes or any other types of shots that you have to take in difficult light conditions.

Comes with a well-structured and spacious work area

Following a quick and straightforward setup, you come face to face with a clean, organized and user-friendly interface. The working area consists of three main regions, namely the Default settings, the view panel and the Setting section.

You should know that the utility comes with a timeline that allows you to access saves that you performed in various stages of your project. Moreover, you will be happy to learn that the application supports an unlimited number of undo restore point (Shift + Z), so you can reverse modifications you are satisfied without having to redo the entire project.

Includes a RAW image processing tool

It is important to note that the program comes with a RAW module that enables you to enhance and edit the images that you want to denoise. To be more precise, you can improve the appearance of your photos via nine different adjustment parameters, namely white balance, denoising and sharpness, color balance, exposure, detail, color, palette, distortion and general.

You should know that the editor can be used with standard image formats as well and that you can apply it at any time. In case you feel that you do have as much control over the details as you want, then the program allows you to export the photos to Photoshop CC, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements or other advanced photo editing software solution you are using.

Even though the program works with an impressive variety of file formats, for best results it is recommended that you use RAW files whenever possible, as they contain more information compared to PNG or JPEG images, for instance.

A comprehensive tool for photo denoising

In the eventuality that you enjoy capturing live events, wildlife or landscape images and you would like to make sure you get the most out of your photos, then DENOISE Projects Professional can help you remove the noise and hence, help you get truly remarkable pictures.

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