Storj Share

Put your unused hard drive space to good use by sharing it in exchange for payment in the form of SJCX (a digital currency) and contribute to powering the community-based cloud storage Storj platform.

  • Storj Share
  • Version : 6.2.0
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Storj Labs

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Storj Share Description

With an avant-garde concept behind it, Storj Share is a very interesting community-powered platform that aims to provide its users with storage and cryptocurrency capabilities.

You can take full advantage of what Storj has to offer thanks to its web-based app named Storj Bridge (formerly known as MetaDisk) or, from the comforts of your computer’s desktop, with the help of a streamlined app called Storj Share (formerly known as DriveShare).

Share disk space and be rewarded accordingly

In a few words, this straightforward desktop client makes it possible for you to take part of the whole Storj “movement” by sharing your computer’s disk space.

In exchange for your services, you can receive certain rewards in the form of SJCX (short for Storjcoin X), a Counterparty and Bitcoin-based protocol.

Install and start using Storj Share in mere seconds

The app undergoes a hassle-free installation process, subsequent to which it automatically integrates itself with the system tray.

Evidently, in order to fully benefit from what Storj Share has to offer, you first need to register an Counterwallet account and provide the app with an SJCX address (for reward payment reasons).

Simple and intuitive application

Upon launching the app, you are met by a simplistic and functional user interface. You are required to input the payout address, the storage location that you wish to share and the total amount of space.

You may also notice that your current balance is displayed above the address field and the total amount of free disk space above the Browse button.

Minimal set of options

Additionally, you can add new drives or toggle between drives thanks to the intuitive Drive drop-down menu. The same action can be performed with even less effort from the app’s system tray menu.

What is more, by clicking the sprocket-shaped button, you can either show or hide the app’s system tray icon and set it up so that it automatically launches at user login.

Become part of Storj with the help of Storj Share

Before you get too excited, you should also be aware of the fact that an official and acceptable payment method is still in the works. You can choose to hold a minimum of 1000 SJCX in your payout address to be eligible for maximum rewards. It should be noted that you can also be eligible for receiving awards without holding any SJCX during the testing period but, as you can imagine, users who did hold the 1000 SJCX will have priority.

To conclude, Storj Share is a streamlined application that works well and makes it possible for you to share unused disk space, gain rewards and become part of, what we hope to become, a secure and very versatile cloud storage platform that is almost totally user-powered.

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