Spartan Lite

Organize your clipboard items and quickly paste useful texts, links and photos with this practical and reliable software solution.

  • Spartan Lite
  • Version: 17.00
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:M8 Software(UK)

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Spartan Lite Description

Sometimes having a larger clipboard would increase the daily productivity but the Windows components cannot store more than one item at a time.

Luckily, there are third-party applications that can store a larger amount of copied data and make it available to the user when needed. Spartan Lite may fit the bill in terms of features and flexibility.

Quick installation, simple looks

The program installs in a jiffy without having to worry about additional, unnecessary software being pushed on the system.

Looks do not stand out except through the minimalistic approach of the developer. A simple list makes available the text previously copied to the clipboard, allowing you to retrieve and re-use it.

Rolling the mouse cursor over the entries shows the contents in full in a separate window that becomes visible only during this operation. Apart from the actual text it contains details about the program it has been copied from along with the date and time of the action.


Holding a large number of entries that went through the clipboard and allowing later access to them is not the only advantage of Spartan Lite; the product can also be configured to avoid capturing data from specific programs.

Moreover, it brings to the table multiple pasting options that permit retrieving the text in plain format, in upper or lower case.

Furthermore, provided that it can store large number of entries finding what you need may turn into a time wasting activity; to avoid this, the developer includes a search function that should minimize the time for finding the relevant entry.


Spartan Lite is far from the best looking multi-clipboard application but it manages to fulfill the basic purpose it was designed for: access to data that has been long removed from Windows clipboard.

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