Review data in tabular format, edit it, perform analysis and generate a wide variety of graphs with minimum effort with this tool.

  • StatsDirect
  • Version :2.8.0 / RC
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :StatsDirect Ltd

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StatsDirect Description

StatsDirect is a comprehensive application that enables you to collect, explore and analyze large amounts of data in order to discover patterns and underlying trends.

A clean and clear interface appropriate for the role of the app

It is necessary to mention that you are prompted to log in with your user, email or password when you first launch the utility. Otherwise, the installation is fast, smooth and you do not need to configure the app before using it.

The interface borrows the looks of Microsoft Excel, meaning that it consists of several datasheets where you can preview or add data. Even though it includes a plethora of tools and analysis functions that you can perform, all these features are well-organized in the toolbar and intuitive menus.

As far as the graphs are concerned, the program allows some customization, meaning that you can change their titles, colors, markers, sizes as well as the line thickness of axis representation for each one. While the graph representation is not interactive, the truth is that it is suitable for the role of the application.

Enables you to perform an extensive data analysis

From calculating confidence intervals interference to making chi-square tests, the strong point of the application is the plethora of statistical analyses you can make.

Similar linear regression, Gart confidence intervals for odds ratio and Student’s T-test for singled and pairs are some of the functions you can use to test the validity and fidelity of psychological instruments, such as questionnaires, or the hypotheses of your current study. While it does provide you with the necessary data, you still need to make the interpretation on your own.

On a side note, StatsDirect allows you to load and preview XLS files, a feature that can surely come in handy if you do not have the Microsoft Office pack installed. Moreover, you can save your project as XLS and you can import or export CSV, TXT and TAB file formats.

An excellent tool for practicing statistical analysis

Featuring numerous functions specific to descriptive statistics, StatsDirect can be quite helpful for students just learning advanced data analysis and interpretation as well as for professionals who need to manage large amounts of data every day.

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