Create family trees with the help of this powerful tool that can keep track of all the descendants and ancestors of an individual while also generating reliable reports.

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GEDKeeper Description

If you are keen on investigating your past in a responsible manner, you definitely need assistance from someone who knows what approach is the best. That or resorting to a software solution that can systematize the entire process and make the entire inquiry more relevant should solve the entire conundrum.

GEDKeeper is precisely this sort of program since it can help you create genealogical trees, all in an intuitive user interface.

Helps you create comprehensive family trees

As mentioned, the application’s very purpose is to provide you with the means to reconstruct your family’s past without asking for considerable effort on the user’s part since the entire GUI is straightforward, and databases can be easily created.

First, what you need to do is create a list of individuals while specifying the relations between them. Needless to say, editing a record can be done at any point, with the possibility of adding as much info as is available. To be more specific, you can fill in anything from surname, name, and nickname, to events, spouses, associations, groups, notes, sources, and user references.

Lets you enrich genealogical databases with an unlimited number of details

As said, the databases you create are as comprehensive as possible, with the families being listed for you to analyze along with locations and any annotations that might actually regard the research process. Individuals favoring access to various details can be listed as well, along with all the used sources, communications, and tasks.

As for how you can view your full tree or one showing either an individual’s descendants or ancestors, all you need to do is select a person then the type of tree you prefer, with the possibility of limiting the number of displayed generations.

Provides useful statistical reports and pedigree analysis

Exporting and printing family trees should ensure your work is preserved while the reports are meant to give purpose to the entire activity.

To be more specific, statistics, maps, pedigree reports, as well as a relationship calculator are close at hand, with the application providing you with invaluable data.

All encompassing app helping you study your family history

On an ending note, GEDKeeper is a powerful program meant to create genealogical databases while putting close at hand an impressive set of features that help you have a consistent approach to your family history.

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