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Compress or decompress files on your computer by relying on this useful application that comes with a Star Wars-themed user interface.

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STARchiver Store App Description

Storing several documents on your computer might lead to low space issues, unless you have reliable tools to help you prevent that.

Fortunately, you can rely on specialized software, such as STARchiver Store App, that can help you organize your space by providing you with file compression abilities.

Handy archive manager that comes with a stylish user interface

When you first run this application, you can view a Star Wars-themed intro, that you can also skip, if you want to access its core functions faster. Actually, this application’s whole design revolves around certain elements from the Star Wars universe. The main window of the program allows you to play a mini-game and displays your score in the top-right corner, as well.

It comes with intuitive features, therefore if you are familiar with file compression, you can make use of its functions without difficulty. Unfortunately, it does not come with any form of help documentation.

Pack and unpack various archive files from your computer

This application allows you to compress or decompress documents on your computer, thus helping you save significant amounts of disk space. It supports various formats, including ZIP and RAR, but, unfortunately, you cannot view a list of supported file types when opening a document.

It is possible to select only certain items that you can extract on your computer, so that you do not need to unpack the whole archive’s worth of files for accessing a specific document.

Create password-protected archives

Aside from STARchiver’s functions mentioned above, it is also possible to generate password-protected archives by toggling the corresponding option while processing the item. Doing so prevents you from selecting an output format, as the application automatically saves your file as a ZIP archive.

To sum it up, STARchiver is a lightweight archive manager that comes with a stylish Star Wars-themed interface and allows you to process your items in a fun and easy manner.

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