Mwisoft Z

Simultaneously compress various files from your computer based on their format by relying on this lightweight, useful application.

  • Mwisoft Z
  • Version :1.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Mwisoft

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Mwisoft Z Description

Saving space on your disk can be easily done by relying on various methods, such as storing documents on external media or using compression tools.

If you prefer shrinking your files without moving them away from your computer, you can rely on specialized software, such as Mwisoft Z, that can help you quickly achieve that.

Lightweight application with no local help manual nor additional configuration options

This program can be easily accessed by a large number of users, both novices and advanced ones, as it comes with a simple interface that encompasses straightforward functions. Due to its simplicity, it does not come with extra configuration menus, windows or panes whatsoever.

Furthermore, it does not feature any form of local documentation, therefore preventing you from accessing a help manual in case you get stuck unless you have an Internet connection.

Archive multiple documents from your computer based on their format

You can rely on Mwisoft Z if you want a quick and convenient way to compress multiple documents on your computer that have the same format. It is possible to achieve that by specifying the target directory and choosing a desired format from the combo box.

After defining the required parameters, you need to type an output file name and choose a destination path, so that the application can create an archive that contains your files.

Does not support password-protected archives

Unfortunately, this application does not allow you to save your archive in a format other than ZIP, which might seem to limit your possibilities. Furthermore, you cannot create a password-protected archive, as the program does not feature this function.

To wrap this up, Mwisoft Z is a lightweight, accessible application that allows you to archive multiple files on your computer based on their format. However, note that it does not provide you with local documentation, additional configuration sections. Additionally, you can only save the output as a ZIP file and you cannot create a password-protected archive.

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