An easy-to-use Excel add-in designed to help you export your spreadsheets to HTML format files which can be embedded in your website.

  • SpreadsheetConverter
  • Version :9.2.7125.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Framtidsforum I&M AB

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SpreadsheetConverter Description

Those who use Microsoft Office Excel in order to create custom charts or just for crunching numbers on spreadsheets, could seek for a way to share their results on web services or mobile devices. SpreadsheetConverter is an add-in that was constructed specifically with that in mind and it will help people distribute their spreadsheets as webpages. It will provide several tools for customizing the resulting files as well as features for easy sharing on services such as Dropbox.

Unobtrusive add-in that will provide its features in a set of large, colorful buttons

Right after the straightforward deployment process, users will be able to access the add-in by navigating to its corresponding tab in their installation of Microsoft Office Excel. All of its features are presented in an intuitive tab section which boasts appealing, colorful buttons for easy spotting.

If one chooses to toggle its side panel, the add-in will provide a dedicated section where all the file customization tools are provided. Nevertheless, one potential drawback arises quickly, as the add-in will only convert whole spreadsheets and not cell ranges, objects or selected charts. This could be annoying for those who only require part of their work to be converted.

Easily convert your Excel spreadsheets to HTML or Flash formats with this add-in that allows decent output customization

By using this add-in people will be able to easily turn their spreadsheet data into presentable web pages, thanks to its intuitive customization process. They will be able to add specific text, hyperlinks, sliders or email buttons, as well as file attachments.

Furthermore, experienced users will be able to add responsive content in their output files, in order to adapt the contents of the spreadsheet to the displays of other devices such as mobile phones or tablets. Realtime synchronization  is provided, in order to allow users to maintain their spreadsheet content linked with their web page.

Useful Excel add-in that will allow you to share your spreadsheets by converting them to HTML or Flash formats

This add-in could be a wise choice for those who need to convert their Excel work into presentable web  pages for easy sharing. It will allow them to fully customize the resulting output files, with specific text, themes or even action buttons. The converted files will then depict users’ spreadsheets, but in interactive web pages which can be shared with others.

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