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Improve the way you interact with GitHub’s interface with the help of this useful extension that streamlines content and adds a few new features.

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Refined GitHub Description

Built on the basis of Git, an open source project created by the Linus Torvalds (yes, the Linux creator), GitHub is a repository hosting service that revolutionized the way developers can contribute to open source projects with its three main features – fork, pull request and merge.

Since its creation in early 2008, GitHub has continually been gaining popularity and improving various functionality aspects. As with all things, there’s always room for more improvement, as the developer behind Refined GitHub is eager to point out.

With a somewhat self-explanatory name, Refine GitHub is a featherweight Chrome extension that basically simplifies the GitHub interface and adds a few extra, useful features.

Hands-off extension that works without you even knowing

Before we go a bit more into detail and start pointing out these changes, we would like to say that this extension doesn’t require any type of user intervention in order to work.

This is a somewhat interesting fact since some users might be happy to hear that, while others might take some comfort in knowing that they have the possibility of enabling or disabling some of its features.

Inconspicuous changes that make a big difference

You have to be a real GitHub aficionado to notice most of the subtle changes this extension can offer. Be that as it may, there’s no denying that when spending dozens of hours working on any platform, even the littlest of improvements end up having a big impact at the end of the day.

A comprehensive list of all the highlights is available on the extension’s official GitHub page, but, we will go forth and point out some of the most important ones, as well.

Here are some of the highlights…

To start off with, you can now mark issues and pull requests as unread. The extension also adds a “Releases” tab to all the repos, a quick edit button for the Readme section, shows the user’s full name in the Comments section, improves readability of tab indented code, differentiates merge commits from regular ones, and adds a very convenient “Copy” button that can be used with gist files.

In addition, it automatically expands the news feed when scrolling down, moves the Dashboard organization “switcher” to the right side of GitHub’s UI, removes the Trending link, as well as the tooltips.

Improve GitHub’s UI by fixing some of the most common “annoyances.”

The main purpose of this project was, of course, to make life a bit easier for anyone using GitHub, but, there’s another, probably more praiseworthy purpose, mind you.

The developer behind the ingenious Refine GitHub hopes to convince the GitHub support team to implement as many of the aforementioned improvements as possible. That said, if you find this extension to be of great use, then we feel obliged to pass on the developer’s wish and urge you to officially request their implementation.

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