View images in fullscreen mode with this command line-based viewer that allows you to set custom display duration and offers keyboard and mouse playback.

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Splash Description

Splash is a command line-based application that will allow users to view their preferred images by using the command line editor’s functionality. Being accessible through the CMD targets it to programmers and experienced users alike. It will allow them to enter the selected images, together with the required display duration and it will display the images in fullscreen mode.

Command line-based interface coupled with a basic help menu filled with numerous hints

Being deployed as a standalone executable file, Splash viewer can be enabled on demand, from the command line editor, whenever users require to display some images. Running the executable file by itself will bring up a help window, where users will find useful hints and information.

By using the on-screen help information, users can write the name of the required image files and the application even allows them to specify the preferred duration for displaying the images. However, as with other command line-based applications, some prior CMD handling knowledge is required.

Restrictive image viewing capabilities and support for just JPG, PNG or BMP image formats

Once the image or images have been displayed in the fullscreen mode, users can navigate through them by using the mouse buttons or specific keys. However, when viewing images that have a higher resolution than the monitor’s native resolution, the viewer will display them at 100% magnification, therefore filling the screen with only parts of the images.

The support for image formats is very limited, offering only JPG, PNG or BMP formats and this might annoy users who handle multiple image formats. Furthermore, if going past its core functionality of displaying images through command lines, the application fails to provide a practical handling and people will discover that using it is far from efficient.

Impractical image viewer with limited image format support, which might only satisfy the requirements of programmers or experienced users

Users who seek an easy-to-use and friendly software solution for viewing their images might not make the most adequate choice with this application. Being usable only through the command line editor and featuring an impractical handling, it will not provide the much needed user-friendliness and efficiency an image editor must have. Additionally, it only supports three image formats and this could be frustrating right from the start.

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