Capture Screenshot Pro

Capture areas of your display with this screen-shot utility that features a dedicated basic image editor and numerous predefined effects.

  • Capture Screenshot Pro
  • Version :2015.1 Rev 110
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Gutmann Software

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Capture Screenshot Pro Description

Capture Screenshot is a compact and lightweight application that was designed to help users easily capture selected areas of their screens. It will allow them to save the captured images, adjust them in a basic image editor or print them directly from its interface, all using its wizard that will assist them in all the necessary steps.

Basic interface that lacks more advanced features and could feel too minimalist

Capture Screenshot offers users a basic interface that comes in the form of a screen capture wizard. All its windows are meant to help users define the required characteristics of the final images resulted from the capture. However, its features are quite basic and experienced users might not be satisfied with its narrow range of image capturing tools.

The fact that it provides a wizard as the main form for the screen capture process, might have both advantages and disadvantages. On the bright side, novice users will have no trouble in following the wizard sequence and they will be able to save their images with ease. On the other side, experienced users might demand a single interface that could contain all the screen capturing features centralized and easy to access.

Capture screen-shots of your display with this basic utility that could have provided more customization

Users will be able to capture their screen-shots by using the Print Screen key or by accessing the tray area icon menu. However, despite the fact that the application does provide a form of automation through its “Auto click” feature, getting to save the final screen capture image does take some time. One must pass through some steps that might not be required for that particular image and this can result in losing a lot of time.

The application’s settings menu doesn’t offer too much options and apart from enabling / disabling the various on-screen hints and dialogs, users will not be able to perform an actual customization. Many basic features that other similar software packages offer are missing and two good examples are the lack of a watermarking feature or hotkey customization.

Fair software solution for capturing images, but shortcomings that might not appeal to experienced users

For those who require an efficient way of capturing screen-shots, this application might not be the best choice. Featuring a counter-intuitive action and no customization for user-defined hotkeys, it will fail to provide an effective screen capture process. Its assisting wizard might trouble users who are looking to save their images quicker and the lack of basic features such as watermarking will not be appreciated.

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