Spherical Panorama Still 3DP Stereo Converter

Create 3D 360-degree panoramas or stereo still images using multiple transformation methods, with this simple-to-use piece of software.

  • Spherical Panorama Still 3DP Stereo Converter
  • Version :Build 011.01
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Spherical Panorama Inc

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Spherical Panorama Still 3DP Stereo Converter Description

3D photos and videos can make interesting content even more impressive, but you have to rely on specialized software in order to create stereo media on your own.

Spherical Panorama Still 3DP Stereo Converter is a fairly intuitive application that can help you convert 2D images to 3D using several transformation methods. It features an outdated UI, but it comes with extensive documentation.

Straightforward 2D to 3D conversion utility

Novices should not have too many problems with this application, even though the UI layout may be a bit confusing at first. If this is the case, however, you can always consult the provided documentation to sort things out.

The user manual is more than adequate, as it provides detailed explanations and even includes helpful screenshots that make it easier for you to figure out which functions are described.

Create 3D photos and panoramas in a few simple steps

First of all, you need to select either the 3DP or Standard Stereo conversion modes, depending on whether you will be using one or two images for the process.

You can then select the “Panorama” or “Still Image” modes, fine-tune the 3D depth effect and, optionally, alter the image’s brightness, contrast, sharpness and noise level.

Spherical Panorama Still 3DP Stereo Converter allows you to import JPG, BMP, PNG or TIF files, and the output content can be exported to JPG or BMP.

Features an outdated UI that could use some polish

The application’s biggest issue is the unappealing user interface that would have looked out of date many years ago. It would certainly benefit from an update, as potential users can easily be deterred by an unimpressive UI.

Overall, Spherical Panorama Still 3DP Stereo Converter is a simple and reliable piece of software that enables you to create 3D panoramas and still images using 360-degree pictures or regular photos. It is not too difficult to use, and it offers comprehensive documentation, but it could use a modernized interface.

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