Spherical Panorama 360 Doughnut Player

Play 360-degree videos on your desktop directly from your camera without processing them beforehand, with this handy application.

  • Spherical Panorama 360 Doughnut Player
  • Version :Build 005.02
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Spherical Panorama Inc

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Spherical Panorama 360 Doughnut Player Description

Videos captured with single-lens 360-degree cameras normally need to be put through specialized processing software before they can be viewed on your PC, and this operation can take quite a bit of time.

Spherical Panorama 360 Doughnut Player is a useful program that enables you to view these clips instantly, using a purpose-built player that supports multiple video formats.

Perform the necessary configurations before playing your clips

The first step consists of opening the source video file using the setup utility and customizing a set of parameters. Essentially, you need to configure the cutting controls in order to ensure the content is displayed correctly.

Additionally, it is possible to flip the video horizontally or vertically, and a preview of the output is displayed in a separate window. However, this window cannot be resized or minimized.

Some useful instructions can be accessed by accessing the Help menu, as well as a more detailed user manual.

Simple video player that offers a basic array of features

Once you have completed the initial configurations, you can open the clip using the main application. Spherical Panorama 360 Doughnut Player can use several 360 modes, and you have the option of enabling the bilinear and grayscale filters.

You can easily pan and zoom in or out using your mouse, as well as pause and play the video. However, the player window cannot be resized, although you can maximize the application if you wish.

Comes with a disappointing user interface

A redesigned UI should be a priority for future updates, as the application looks very outdated at present. While it does the job it was designed for, an unpolished user interface is not going to inspire confidence.

Overall, Spherical Panorama 360 Doughnut Player is a fairly straightforward application that can help you play 360-degree videos without converting them beforehand. It is not particularly difficult to use, but it features a badly-designed UI that needs to be improved in several respects.

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