An intuitive and easy to use application, that enables you to create transition videos from multiple photos or clips, that you can stitch together.

  • MorphMan
  • Version :2016
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :STOIK Imaging

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MorphMan Description

MorphMan is a comprehensive application that enables you to create artistic photo and video transition clips, using two or more files. You may, for example, create a morph image in which your friend turns into someone else, a boy becomes a man or a human turns into a fictitious character.

Warping and distorting photos

The software requires that you upload the photos or videos you wish to morph and select the common points, which represent the start and the end of the transformation. Thus, it can combine parts of the two images, in order to create intermediate frames, that help smooth the transition.

The software features photo distorting and warping tools, that enable you to modify a picture’s content, by extending or reshaping a part of the face. Thus, you can enlarge the chin, shrink the nose, reshape the jaw, in order to obtain a different face. The software supports both images and videos, allowing you to morph files of the same format or combine the two file types.

Intuitive photo morphing

MorphMan features advanced tools, that enable you to create highly detailed transformations, while preserving the quality of the photos. You can divide the source and final photos to layers and adjust each transformation rate individually. Additionally, the vector tool may be used for quick and precise positioning of the control points and transformation lines.

Composing and editing videos

MorphMan comes as a software bundle, that includes the transitioning application, along with Video Man and Video Man Capturer. The latter is designed to help you retrieve media content from the dedicated recording device; you can record videos, take photos or capture sounds, as well as upload premade clips and images to your computer.

The Video Man component enables you to edit movies and clips, by adjusting playback speed, splitting a video, adding sounds, text, or modifying the frame order in the sequence.


You can use MorphMan in order to create impressive transitions, from one human face to another, transform sceneries, or create a dynamic before-and-after presentation of a room, garden, construction site etc. The software can create intermediate frames, connecting two images and create a cursive morphing effect. Additionally, you may save the results as projects or video files, to your computer.