Speedtest for Chrome

Monitor your Internet performance with the help of this approachable Chrome extension that can also calculate how fast your favorite websites load.

  • Speedtest for Chrome
  • Version :1.08
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Ookla

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Speedtest for Chrome Description

Speed variations are quite frustrating while browsing the web, especially if confronted with the urgency of a massive project.

And while it may not solve the problem, having close at hand a software solution that can keep you informed of how successfully your Internet can be exploited could come as a slight compensation. Speedtest for Chrome is one such tool we will explore in the following.

Handy Chrome addon that can put your Internet performance to the test

Before anything else, it is important to mention that Speedtest by Ookla is a browser extension that is quite easy to use. Clicking on its icon in the toolbar should provide you with all the details you may need as far as the quality of your Internet connection is concerned.

To be more specific, the addon is capable of calculating almost in the blink of an eye your ping, download, as well as upload speed without requiring any configuration. You just need to hit the “Go!” button, and the program will initiate its analysis.

Lets you share the results online

What’s more, this Chrome extension can also measure how fast any website that you might visit loads, with the results being displayed below the gauge indicating the performance of your connection in real time.

A nice addition to the tool is that it comprises a button designed to take a snapshot of any testing session by copying a link to the results or simply sharing them on Facebook or Twitter. You can even create an account in order to store all these details and access them online at any subsequent point.

Easy-to-use app letting you see how fast you are navigating

On an ending note, Speedtest for Chrome is an approachable software utility meant to assess the quality of your Internet connection. It can measure your ping, download, and upload speed, all in a GUI that makes navigation effortless.

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