Alternate File Move

A lightweight and straightforward program that offers you the possibility to synchronize two folders (to mirror them) with just a few swift keystrokes.

  • Alternate File Move
  • Version : 1.870
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AlternateTools

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Alternate File Move Description

Alternate File Move is a user-friendly and efficient piece of software designed to provide you with the means of quickly comparing and synchronizing the contents of two distinct folders (master and slave), enabling you to make sure they include the same data.

Well-organized and accessible looks

The application features a clean and intuitive appearance, its functioning parameters being easily adjustable from the main window, so you do not need to go looking for hidden settings or options.

Alternate File Move’s interface is split into two sections, ‘Master Folder’ and ‘Slave Folder’, which you can set by browsing through your system, making sure these two do no match.

Set your working directories and synchronize their contents with a click

For starters, you need to indicate the precise path of the source and target directories, the ‘Analyze’ button allowing you to also display their contents in separate panels, so you can compare them more easily.

Before continuing with the ‘Synchronization’ task, you should define the parameters of the operation, specifically whether to only add the missing files to the slave folder or replace the ones with different sizes or different dates.

Similarly, you can remove the items from the slave folder that are not to be found in the master directory as well. Optionally, you can target particular file names or extensions, thus ignoring all other documents. Finally, you can click the ‘Execute’ button and the operation will take place within moments.

A straightforward directory synchronizer

To sum it up, Alternate File Move is a simple yet useful program that can help you copy files from one location to another, helping you mirror the contents of a folder into a different one and ensure they both store the files you need to work with.

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