Create psychedelic animated caricatures using any digital picture by adjusting the distortion level, and save the output to file.

  • Soulphanize
  • Version :2.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Muffaelucciole

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Soulphanize Description

Soulphanize is a lightweight, fun application that enables you to create animated distortion of various image files from your computer and morph multiple pictures, according to your needs.

Please note that this application required you to have Adobe AIR installed on your computer so that you can deploy and launch it accordingly.

Simplistic user interface

This program comes with a minimalistic user interface that packs a handful of functions, which can be easily operated once you get the hang of them. Since it does not feature any form of help documentation, you will need to test this program’s functions one or two times before being able to use them to their full extent.

No additional configuration is required, you simply launch the application, load the desired photo or photos and begin creating the psychedelic animations or morphs from the content you imported.

Generates animated psychedelic caricatures

You can turn to Soulphanize if you want to create psychedelic caricatures from pictures on your computer without significant efforts. In order to do so, you just need to load a picture from your computer by using the Upload button from the main screen and drag the slider according to your preferences.

Dragging the slider all the way left uses the maximum level of distortion. More so, if you want to morph two different pictures within the generated animation, you need to load two different pictures from your computer by clicking the x-shaped buttons. You can toggle the visibility of one picture or the other by clicking the eye icon.

Preset library

If you want to test this application before you load any of your images, you can do so by clicking the pentagon-shaped button, which cycles you through a series of preset images.

Lightweight app that lets you create animated psychedelic caricatures with no considerable efforts

All in all, Soulphanize is a handy application that enables you to turn image files from your computer into animated psychedelic caricatures and even morph multiple pictures in a simple manner. It comes with a simple user interface, requires no additional configuration and does not pack any form of help documentation.

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