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Create simple and themed collages from your personal photos, share collages on Facebook or Twitter, draw ink, add stickers and text, and more.

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Pic Collage Description

Pic Collage is a Windows 10 application that gives you the possibility to seamlessly put together collages from your favorite photos to share with your friends. You can import photos from your computer or take snapshots with your webcam, draw anything you want on the collages, and share creations using Facebook or Twitter.

Create grid-style collages and add personal photos

Wrapped in a user-friendly interface, Pic Collage invites you to choose the collage style at startup from grids, templates and freestyle. The supported types of images that can be imported from your PC are BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG and PNG.

When it comes to the grid style, you can change the grid mode by navigating a filmstrip on the bottom part of the window as well as increase or decrease the border width.

Use collage templates or freestyle mode

The templates section contains a series of ready collages that you can emphasize by adding your own photos and stickers, drawing in ink, writing text, and customizing the background.

In freestyle mode, you can tap anywhere on the empty canvas to add photos, size the collage to a preferred dimension (e.g. 4:3, 7:5, A4, YouTube 16:9), and take advantage of all options previously described.

Once the collage is ready, you can share it via a Facebook or Twitter account or another installed app on your PC, set it as your lock screen, print it on the spot, or simply save it to file by indicating the output directory and file name.

Easy-to-use and fun collage maker for all ages

The collage maker worked smoothly on our tests and we haven’t come across any compatibility issues. All aspects considered, Pic Collage provides you with fun tools for putting together pictures of yourself, friends and family to create memorable collages. It can be configured with ease.

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