Add snowflakes with various designs to your desktop by using this lightweight, simple utility that requires no additional configuration.

  • SnowFlakes
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :InDeep Software

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SnowFlakes Description

Spending many hours in front of your computer’s monitor working can easily become a boring, tedious activity, unless you personalize your environment. However, some people get distracted by music or background sound effects, while others lose focus when viewing various colors.

You can avoid both of these scenarios by opting for SnowFlakes, a discrete customization solution that simply adds virtual falling snowflakes to your desktop.

Limited user interface

This lightweight utility comes with an almost non-existent user interface, as you can only pause, quit or add it as a startup item from the system tray. You just launch it and virtual snowflakes start falling across your desktop, since there is no configuration menu, window or pane, whatsoever.

However, if you accidentally call the native Show Desktop function by either hitting the bottom-right corner button or by pressing the Win + D combination, all snowflakes cease to exist. The only ways to bring them back is to open a new window and minimize it, press Win + D again or restart the application.

Little to no documentation

Since this is a simple utility that was solely designed for displaying falling snowflakes, it comes with no documentation, aside from a change log that might offer you hints.

For instance, during our test period, we discovered that running SnowFlakes via the native command prompt window and adding a numerical value between 0 and 100 actually modifies the number of snowflakes.

However, this application should provide you with four transparency levels, but there is no information that can help you access or modify that function, nor an integrated menu that allows you to change any option at all.

Simple customization tool

You can use this program as an alternative to a screensaver (most of which support customization), if you want to access your desktop while it is displayed.

In conclusion, SnowFlakes is a simple tool that displays falling snowflakes on your screen, while offering you no helpful documentation, nor additional configuration sections, menus or windows.

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