Capture a screenshot of a region of your desktop and upload the picture to Imgur, a popular image hosting website, with this lightweight application.

  • Snappy
  • Version : 2.5.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :n1kk0

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Snappy Description

When you want to share something interesting from your desktop with friends, it can sometimes take minutes to grab a screenshot and upload it to a web service.

Snappy is a nifty application that provides you with an alternative. It allows you to capture a certain area of your screen, and then uploads this image to Imgur immediately.

Share interesting screenshots in seconds

This is a great application for users who frequently capture desktop content and wish to share images with their friends as quickly as possible. It does away with what is probably the most time-consuming step, namely uploading a picture manually.

Once an image has been uploaded, the link is opened in your default web browser, so that you can check the quality of the picture and copy the URL to the clipboard.

Promising utility that needs some improvements

For an application that aims to streamline the capture and upload process, Snappy makes it unnecessarily difficult to start the operation, as you need to click the tray icon and then select the “Capture Region” option. A single left-click or key combination would be much more suitable.

It is also worth noting that you do not have the option of taking a screenshot of the entire desktop, a single window or a specific object.

Moreover, no capture parameters can be customized, such as the format of the output file and the JPEG compression level.

Lightweight and portable application

Snappy is very unobtrusive, as it is minimized to the system tray upon launch and lacks a classic user interface. It should never get in your way, and it is always within reach.

Additionally, the program can be launched from any location or device, as it is not necessary to install it on your PC.

In conclusion, Snappy is an interesting utility that can come in handy in a number of situations, as it makes it extremely simple to grab and upload screenshots. However, it needs a couple of extra features in order to become more versatile.

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