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Develop Java applications with minimal costs and increased efficiency every time using the flexible and feature-rich environment provided by this tool.

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Apache Maven Description

Apache Maven is a build automation tool that addresses anyone who wants to build applications using Java. The idea behind the utility is to help make the design process overall smoother. It manages to achieve this due to the building process that entails describing how you intend to make the software solution and then specifying its dependencies.

At the same time, the application provides developers a uniform build system that relies on two main components, namely the Project Object Model (POM) and a set of plugins, which are shared by all projects that are built via this tool. Since the steps of developing an application follow the same pattern, you are likely to spend less time and effort when working on your next project.

It is important to note that the application also includes helpful data that can be taken from your POM or that can be partially generated from the sources of your project. The direct advantage is that you can have the change log documents created directly from the source control as well as comprehensive unit test reports, dependency lists, mailing lists or cross-referenced sources.

Even though Apache Maven offers users extensive information and enables you to extend the functionality of Apache Ant, the tool is a lot more than that. Promoting best practices and a consistent, step-by-step development process, the app can help you reduce development costs and perhaps, boost your efficiency.

System requirements

  • JDK

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