SMath Studio

Easily perform complex math operations by selecting functions to use, with a built-in auto-complete feature and rich set of editing options.

  • SMath Studio
  • Version: 0.98 Build 6179 / 0.98 Build 6398 Beta
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Andrey Ivashov

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SMath Studio Description

Solving math expressions with a calculator is not cheating on your set of knowledge, with the device itself being not only faster, but more accurate. Math is at the base of most engineering projects and it even plays an important role in programming, so if you encounter expressions in your work or are looking for a simple and efficient calculus method you need to try out SMath Studio.

Intuitive design makes it easy to use

In terms of visuals, the application feels pretty fresh and although the interface isn’t heavily populated with many visual elements, it’s decent enough not to distract your from work, but not too simple to lack practicality. Most of the space is represented by your canvas, cleverly created to resemble a math paper sheet, while all tools, operators and functions can easily be accessed from the side panel that holds them.

You don’t need a considerable level of knowledge to realize from the moment you launch the application that it means business. The creation process itself is incredibly intuitive and easy to handle by anyone, especially because it can be done without pressing a single button on your keyboard, even if they are numbers.

Rich library of operators and functions

There’s no restriction to creation, neither in terms of arrangement nor elements you work with. The place you click on your canvas is the starting point for a new expression you can later on move around to create a clean layout. This applies to any element, expression or graph you insert, with the possibility to also include external pictures for more flexibility.

Given the right combination of functions and expressions, you can calculate pretty much anything related to math. The side panel holds operators for arithmetic, matrices, Boolean, functions, plotting, programming, as well as upper and lower case special symbols.

Clever auto-complete and multiple export options

By default, calculus is performed automatically, but you can turn this feature off and it comes in handy for preparing a printable test, for instance. All supported functions can be viewed and applied, even on the spot thanks to a built-in auto-complete feature fitted with clever descriptions so you don’t get stuck along the way.

When done, export options come in handy for different situations. Besides the application’s specific format, you can generate a HTML file, PNG, BMP, GIF and JPG image, EXE which runs even if the app is not installed, as well as Mathcad supported files, such as XMCD.

All in all

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that SMath Studio is a powerful application that lets you create and calculate even complex expressions, with options to plot graphs and solve matrices. The workspace lets anyone quickly accommodate regardless of experience, while the auto-complete feature and rich library of content make sure you learn to love math.

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