View and convert print files in specialized formats with this flexible application that allows you to extract data from the source document.

  • EscapeE
  • Version : 10.16C/9 / 10.18B/9 Beta
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :RedTitan

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EscapeE Description

EscapeE is a comprehensive program that is designed to help users in viewing and converting print files. The application allows users to extract text from custom fields.

Comes with a comprehensive user’s guide

Anyone who regularly works with specialized print file formats will find this tool useful. Given that such documents are not usually employed by the general public, printing professionals are the ones that will obtain the most benefits from it. This being said, the resource also supports more common formats, such as PDF and some standard image extensions, which means casual users can also find it handy.

The GUI features a large working frame, but once menus are browsed the interface can become quite loaded; newcomers are highly recommended to peruse the built-in detailed manual. As mentioned, there are numerous menu items to browse and a few quick-link buttons are also available.

Can open numerous file-types, including PDFs

Supported specialized source documents are numerous, and include Hewlett Packard PCLs and HPGLs, Epson ESCs, IBM AFPs or Zenographics ZJSs. Casual users, however, will appreciate the more common PDFs, TIFFs, PNGs and DOCs that the application can read.

In essence, the resource has five main functions: document viewing or conversion, data extraction, image encoding and composite document generation. The software can convert between multiple formats, which makes it a great tool to transfer data from specialized documents to common ones.

Users can extract parts of the source file’s text

One of the great features of this application is that it can extract data from source print files. This is a powerful option, as it allows one to literally transfer text from user-drawn rectangular shapes. The cropped text will be saved as CSV, XML or TXT.

All in all, EscapeE is a powerful and detailed suite for viewing and converting specialized print files, as well as for extracting specific data.

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