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SmartWeigh Description

As you can easily imagine, there are certain rules when it comes to the maximum weight allowed for trucks and heavy vehicles used for industrial or commercial transport. Usually found at custom houses or toll booths, weighbridges are specialized machines used for weighing of goods and the vehicles that are transporting them.

Therefore, keeping track of all the variables involved in weighing trucks and their load involves some advanced calculations. To your aid comes SmartWeigh, a complex piece of software that provides you with all the necessary tools and features for calculating the weight of vehicles in a plethora of industrial and transport-related situations.

Not the easiest and most user-friendly application out there

This said, SmartWeigh should not be looked at as being a standalone app, but rather a suite, since it comes with what could be easily considered three separate utilities. The smallest of the three is an app that helps you maintain the database and backup your data, while the other two do a great job at reporting back-office operations and enabling you to record weightings.

As expected, your work as an operator or supervisor takes place using the SmartWeigh Indicator Interface app. Before you actually get started, you should configure as many entries as much as possible.

Because the application’s sheer number of menus, windows and options, one thing becomes clear right from the start: SmartWeigh is not one of those user-friendly applications. In fact, you are highly advised to take a look at the provided documentation, as it may speed up the learning process.

Straightforward workflow

Once you start figuring things out, you can start performing weightings by following a set of approximately simple steps. Simply log into the interface module, open the port while the weight is displayed in real-time and click the dedicated button for starting the weighting.

From here onwards, you only need to enter the basic information about the vehicle and the load and simply follow the procedure for transferring the weight. Of course, the transactions can be or even print the weighing tickets for your clients.

The interface is definitely not this app’s strongest point

Feature wise, there is absolutely no denying that SmartWeigh has almost everything covered. While we are sure even beginner users can eventually find their way around SmartWeigh, it must be pointed out that the app’s weak point is its overall interface.

While the layout is fairly intuitive and the features are easily accessible, the interface looks like it would be at home on older versions of Windows. Even this would not be such an important issue, but we have also experienced some small but annoying issues while resizing the windows. Put simply, the program is heavily let down by its lack of a proper interface.

A useful app with a lot of real-world applications

All in all, SmartWeigh is a comprehensive software solution that can be used for highly complex industrial inventory and production management situations, but it can also help transport companies charge their customers or customs and toll officials make sure that the trucks are within the required weight limits.

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