Minimize the amount of wasted material produced when cutting wood, metal, cloth, leather and other products into patterns, with this comprehensive application.

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Corte Description

Corte is a complex application that can prove to be very useful for manufacturers, as it can optimize the cutting process for various materials, reducing the amount of waste material produced.

It features an intuitive interface and offers extensive documentation, with the aim of helping you learn its basic and advanced functions more quickly. Generated patterns and data can be saved to Microsoft Excel tables, AutoCAD DXF drawings and BMP image files.

Optimize cutting patterns

Corte can automatically calculate a cutting pattern that minimizes wasted material when manufacturing various parts. You can define up to three optimization levels to be applied successively. At higher levels, the quality of the calculations is increased, but the operation can take longer to complete.

It is also possible to manually adjust or even create new cutting patterns.

This program can help you minimize production costs, save time when developing cutting plans, track your current stocks and reduce the amount of raw material that needs to be ordered.

Features an intuitive interface and includes comprehensive documentation

The application’s interface is well-designed, offering easy access to all of the program’s main functions. It can be customized in many ways, allowing you to choose which fields should be visible in various panels.

Corte also features extensive documentation, thoroughly explaining the application’s functions, as well as offering definitions for various technical terms.

Export data to various formats

The generated data can be exported to XLS, DXF or BMP and it is possible to choose which panels are saved when creating Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. You can also save your current project and load it again at a later date.

Overall, Corte is a comprehensive application, created to help professionals minimize losses when cutting patterns from various materials. It can be very helpful for improving the efficiency of various manufacturing processes, by reducing the amount of raw material that needs to be used.

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