SlimBrowser [Softpedia Edition]

IE-based web browser that includes multi-tabbed layout, private browsing session, auto-form filler, as well as deletion operations for history and temporary files.

  • SlimBrowser [Softpedia Edition]
  • Version :8.00 Build 003
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :FlashPeak

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SlimBrowser [Softpedia Edition] Description

Navigating the Internet is a daily activity for many people worldwide and the browser of choice is usually one of the bigger names in the business. However, once in a while it doesn’t hurt to try a different flavor and go for a less famous but just as capable tool like SlimBrowser.

IE-based browser

It is based on the Internet Explorer’s engine, so it comes with all features bundled into Microsoft’s browser, but it also brings forth a lot of goodies that could make your online experience a bit more attractive.

Navigation mode

First of all, SlimBrowser comes with tab support and there are several settings to modify tab behavior, so you can easily change the way you close or open a new one. The ‘QuickFill’ menu allows you to manage forms and identities while the ‘Groups’ feature helps you save and open several sites together.

Support for social networks

The browser tackles the social networks access pretty well as it comes with dedicated Facebook support to share a text, a link or update the status on the go. In the same time, SlimBrowser enables the user to share a link on popular services such as Twitter or Google Buzz.

Private browsing session and auto-form filler

Popup blocking features are still there, so are the privacy functions to remove history and temporary files on the go, but one really great feature is the auto-form filler. This way, you can auto complete forms you find online automatically, so you don’t have to write down the same contact info over and over again.

Bottom line

All in all, SlimBrowser is a pretty nifty way of browsing the Internet and, as long as you’re not an aficionado of one of the bigger names like Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome, it could be a viable alternative.

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