A comprehensive and powerful application that helps users control their computer using infrared or wireless remote control devices.

  • EventGhost
  • Version :0.4.1.r1722 / 0.5.0 RC4
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :EventGhost Project

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EventGhost Description

Sometimes you wish you could control your computer with a remote from the comfort of your bed. This can be done using software tools that can set your computer to respond to certain remote controller commands.

EventGhost is a reliable and easy to use application that can help you gain remote control of your computer, by helping you configure certain macros and actions received from an infrared or wireless controller. In order to control your computer remotely, you need a X10 compatible remote and an USB-UIRT IR device.

Flexible computer remote control

The application allows you to set certain actions, event triggers and macros that respond to certain buttons from an infrared or wireless remote controller. This way, you can control your computer without sitting in front of it. For example, you can turn your computer into a cinema, by creating actions and commands that connect a button of your remote control with an action button from your media player.

Furthermore, you can create custom folders that contain commands for each devices, as the application is not limited to one device only. Doing so, you can set custom actions and event triggers for each one controller you own, whether it is infrared or wireless.

Detailed event capturing tool

EventGhost can do much more than set remote controls for your computer. You can use it to monitor every event that occurs while you browse your computer.

It follows the actions of your keyboard and mouse, displaying you which tasks have been used or not and which are currently active.

A reliable computer remote control creator

EventGhost can help you spice up your computer by easily creating remote control commands that can be received and executed from various infrared or wireless remote controllers.

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