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This knowledge base about the Silk Road can come in handy for learning or to teaching students since it offers you both info and images.

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Silk Road Description

Silk Road is a comprehensive, ready to use knowledge pool, with both written documentation and images about the famous historical route. The information is organized in short sentences, which are gradually displayed on the screen, along with the afferent images, in the WinNB interface.

The journey across the Silk Road

The Silk Road is a famous network of trade, used in the Antiquity by merchants transporting and selling silk. Its popularity and importance are given not only by its length (ca. 4000 miles / 6000 km) but also by its cultural implications. The route connected several trade locations, from the islands of Oceania, all the way to the Mediterranean Sea and passed through South Asia.

It was used not only by merchants but also by pilgrims, monks, soldiers, nomads and many other travelers. The route visits significant trade locations such as China, Persia (the land route), India (on the sea) and the countries of the southern Europe.

Educational tool in the WinNB interface

The Silk Road knowledge base is accessible via the WinNB interface, a useful tool that provides you with a solution for communicating with your computer via simple commands. This configuration allows you to view the information, images in the database, as well as to ask questions and receive answers.

The text contained in the knowledge base is specially organized so that it provides you with the language and characteristics you need to phrase questions. Moreover, the language processor allows you to implement the active table of contents, which uses the sentences as significant information, but also as commands.

Start or stop the sessions at any time

Through the WinNB interface, you can stop the Silk Road session at any time, as well as restart it. The activity log and relevant commands are displayed in the dedicated consoles. Moreover, you can easily import or export additional information from text files, even while the interactive session is ongoing.

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