Costimator – Shop Rate Calculator

Calculate indirect labor wages, insurance, rent, utilities and miscellaneous costs by using this lightweight, helpful application.

  • Costimator – Shop Rate Calculator
  • Version:12.0.301.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:MTI Systems, Inc

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Costimator – Shop Rate Calculator Description

When you run a shop, better-than-average calculation skills are required, since you often need to manage a significant part of your own finances.

However, calculating your own operating costs, along with other critical expenses, can prove to be a challenging task, thus rendering you unable to complete it in a short time. Therefore, you can rely on specialized software, such as Costimator – Shop Rate Calculator, that can help you analyze your costs in a convenient manner.

Minimalistic user interface

Fortunately for novices, this useful application comes with a simple layout that ensures high overall accessibility. For better understanding of its functionality, you can browse the content of the integrated help manual that provides you with the detailed mathematical formulas the program uses.

Aside from a default value customization window, Costimator – Shop Rate Calculator does not feature any configuration section, nor any other hidden menu, since calculations are processed on the go.

Customizable default parameters

This handy utility allows you to define every attribute that it supports and even offers you a series of preset values. Some factors, such as insurance value, rent, utilities or property taxes, are defaulted to certain values, but you can freely assign them custom values, according to your needs.

You can configure the number of vacation weeks per year that your employees can benefit from and include fringe benefit rates in the labor rate.

No save or print support

On the downside, Costimator – Shop Rate Calculator does not provide you with save or printing functions, therefore all resulting information must be manually stored.

To sum it up, this handy application can prove to be a reliable utility if you need a specialized cost calculator for your business. However, you should be aware that it cannot export or print your calculations, therefore you might need to manually transcribe the resulting data.

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