Sidebar Diagnostics

Displays valuable hardware and system information directly on your computer desktop with the help of a streamlined and stylish sidebar.

  • Sidebar Diagnostics
  • Version :3.4.5
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Ryan Knittel

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Sidebar Diagnostics Description

When it comes to analyzing resource consumption figures or hardware information, Windows provides a pretty competent utility named Resource Monitor.

While the utility in question has all the basis covered when it comes to information about your computer’s CPU, memory, disk and network stats, it is not what you would call convenient, especially if you have a desktop filled with tens of opened windows and running apps.

This is where Sidebar Diagnostics comes into play by offering a more convenient and stylish solution for analyzing and viewing hardware information.

Easy to install and to configure

In a few words, this lightweight system utility mainly does what the native Resource Monitor does, but it displays information in a more attractive way, namely via a sidebar that is integrated with your computer’s desktop

The application undergoes an ultra-minimalist and quick installation process, subsequent to which you are met by a useful “Initial Setup” screen. Upon completing the streamlined configuration process, Sidebar Diagnostics accommodates itself within the system tray and displays a chic sidebar that emulates the font, colors and symbols from Windows.

Very customizable system and hardware monitor

Besides its main benefits of displaying info about CPU, RAM, GPU, network and the active drives, Sidebar Diagnostics’s probably greatest advantage is the fact that this very customizable.

You can fix it on the right of left side of the desktop, set it to a specific desktop instance, change its UI scale, allow clicking through its interface, change the sidebar width, background color and opacity figures, as well as change the fonts and their colors.

Personalize the monitors and set hotkeys for the most useful actions

In addition, you can also select the date and clock formats and configure the app to run at system startup and to stay always on top of other active windows. Even better, it also allows you to customize the monitors in an impressive number of ways.

Last but not least, Sidebar Diagnostics makes it possible for you to define hot keys for a small set of actions. This said, you can show, hide, reload its interface, as well as close the app altogether with the help of custom hotkeys.

Proves that usefulness isn’t everything, but the packaging equally important

Taking all of the above into consideration, Sidebar Diagnostics is a very efficient little application that manages to be stylish, unobtrusive and useful, all at the same time.

It provides an elegant solution for keeping track of your computer’s system resources consumption as well as other useful hardware related info and, besides this, it even packs a clock in case you are bored with the one provided by Windows by default.

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