Aglowsoft Picture Dictionary

A very simple and easy to understand utility whose main purpose resides in helping English learners to acquire new vocabulary terms.

  • Aglowsoft Picture Dictionary
  • Version :4.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Aglowsoft

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Aglowsoft Picture Dictionary Description

Aglowsoft Picture Dictionary is a lightweight piece of software which is mainly aimed at English learners, be they adults, studying it as a second language or children who are still acquiring vocabulary terms.

Simple flippable ebook

The application features a simple and accessible user interface, in the form of a flippable ebook, so you can browse through its pages similar to the way you would in a real book.

The main window of Aglowsoft Picture Dictionary allows you to select your category, with several available options: ‘Animals’, ‘Birds’, ‘Sea Creatures’, ‘Vegetables’, ‘Fruits’, ‘Kitchen’ or ‘Bathroom’.

Learn English words by viewing the object they represent

The utility enables English learners to come across new words and view an associated image of the object in question, in order to better understand what it refers to. However, there is no associated definition, pronunciation or additional grammar details about the entries.

While you can jump from one category to the next, Aglowsoft Picture Dictionary does not feature a table of contents or other similar means of allowing you to skip ahead to a specific term, thus having to flip the pages one by one in order to find the term you are looking for.

Moreover, while the program features over four-hundred entries, you do not have the possibility of adding your own terms and associated photos, nor do you have the option of editing existing words, or their appearance (font, color, size, etc).

A handy English image dictionary

To sum it up, Aglowsoft Picture Dictionary is a useful yet extremely limited tool that is meant to help students learn new words in English; while it does not encounter any errors or freezes during its functioning, the lack of customizable options and features may deter many from trying it.

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