Identify frequent sequences without gaps in their occurrences using this a straightforward and effective command line application.

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Seqwog Description

Seqwog is a complex software solution aimed at finding gapless frequent sequences, its intended usage being in sequential pattern mining activities, for determining whether subsequences are consecutive or not.

The application features no graphical user interface and can only be run in command line mode, which in turn makes it much less appealing to novices and individuals with minimal levels of experience.

The usage difficulty is doubled by the lack of a documentation file detailing the various circumstances where it can be used, not even providing users with some examples to get them started.

In order to obtain a detailed list of Seqwog’s functions, users need only run its executable in CMD and it will immediately provide them with a precise enumeration of its arguments, as well as some basic insight into how the program should be used.

As such, users need to input Seqwog’s executable path followed by the action they wish to perform, specifying the input document, then the output file. The actions that can be executed include finding ‘Target Type’ (frequent, closed, maximal or all occurrences), ‘Maximum’ and ‘Minimum Numbers of Items per Sequence’ or ‘Minimum Support of a sequence’.

Moreover, Seqwog can write the pattern spectrum to a file, print the item set statistics, write output in a scannable form or record header for output. It includes several other functions as well, each applicable in varying situations.

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