Create maps, manipulate raster and vector objects, analyze geographical data and much more, with this complex and intuitive GIS application.

  • Version :7.0.5 / 7.2 Upcoming / 7.3 Development
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :GRASS Development Team

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GRASS GIS Description

Experts working in various fields often have need of a powerful Geographic Information System to help with geospatial data management and analysis, map creation, image processing, spatial modeling and data visualization.

However, these software suites are often difficult to understand or offer a limited set of features, to help new users understand the more simple aspects of geographical data manipulation.

GRASS GIS is a comprehensive application that seeks to offer you a large amount of functions, as it can perform numerous jobs with provided spatial data. At the same time, it features an intuitive interface and offers extensive documentation, to help inexperienced users get started on their projects.

Offers numerous data management capabilities

You can use GRASS GIS to perform a considerable number of jobs, from raster, vector and point data analysis, to image processing, geocoding, map creation and visualization.

It allows you to view models in three dimensions, create and record animations, as well as compare multiple objects with its Map Swipe function.

Supports numerous data formats

GRASS GIS is integrated with GDAL/OGR libraries, to ensure that it supports a vast array of vector and raster formats. This allows you to work with spatial data created in various other applications, as well as export projects to multiple formats.

Modern, intuitive interface and comprehensive documentation

Visually, there can be no complaints against this application. It offers a modern-looking interface and all of its features are easy to find and access. There is no need to navigate through a series of confusing menus to locate a specific function.

Additionally, you can access extensive manuals, books and tutorials, guaranteeing that even the most inexperienced users can learn how to operate this complex program.

Overall, GRASS GIS is a comprehensive, but intuitive Geographic Information System. It offers numerous features, suitable for various spatial data analysis and manipulation jobs. While it is a complex application by nature, it includes extensive documentation and features a modern, easy-to-use interface.

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