Seanau Icon Toolkit

Create great-looking icons by working with layers, adjusting transparency and using styles, all from a single intuitive interface.

  • Seanau Icon Toolkit
  • Version :8.0.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Seanau

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Seanau Icon Toolkit Description

Seanau Icon Toolkit is an easy to use piece of software tailored to help you edit image files and save them as icons.

Intuitive interface

From the first time you open the program, it comes as a user-friendly application that displays hints and tips to guide you through the editing process.

The workspace is neatly disposed, being coated with menus on each side, in order to allow you to easily access Seanau Icon Toolkit’s features and options.

Adjusting the opacity, brightness, brush size or the size of the icon seems a little slow, because you have to actual click the minuscule slider instead on clicking the adjustment bar or just inputting the exact numeric value.

Working in layers

Seanau Icon Toolkit allows you to work with multiple layers at once, each containing an image which you can edit.

Empty layers can be modified by adding various shapes and colors, and then they can be merged with other layers, in order to obtain an advanced result.

Another small inconvenience is that you cannot duplicate layers, but the Undo and Redo functions will still allow you to make modifications and revert them to the version you liked best.

The layers can easily be enabled or disabled, so you can preview only specific components of your project.

Advanced editing

After you load an image to Seanau Icon Toolkit, you can easily start modifying by adjusting the hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, opacity or the size of the icon.

You can colorize the background to any color you wish, and also you can add filled shapes or contours to your layers, which can then be merged with other images loaded from your drives.

An interesting utility

Seanau Icon Toolkit is a handy and useful tool for editing image files in order to create unique icons, with an easy to use design and various options and features, making it an accessible program even for inexperienced users.

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