OfficeOne Display Assistant

Easily clone your desktop’s active windows with this application that offers automatic detection of available monitors and features automatic cloning.

  • OfficeOne Display Assistant
  • Version :2.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :OfficeOne

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OfficeOne Display Assistant Description

When carrying out presentations or slideshows, it’s difficult for users to maintain a continuous interaction with the audience when choosing to present additional content, because they need to open the external content on the same monitor and therefore lose track of the presentation. Display Assistant was created to help overcome such problems and it will allow users to easily clone the content on whichever screen they prefer, this way being able to continue presenting their content without interruptions.

Straightforward interface that offers an uncluttered feature layout

Display Assistant provides users with a minimalist interface, where all the features are listed clearly and all the content can be accessed immediately, without any prior settings. Although it offers a clean looking interface, some users might consider it to be maybe a bit too austere.

The application automatically detects all the available monitors and users are presented with a clean view of the all the opened windows and their corresponding running applications. Users can choose to manually identify their monitors and the application will perform a short testing sequence.

Users are able to effortlessly identify which windows they prefer to be cloned, and choose directly from the window list’s buttons, the monitor(s) where the windows  and their respective content will be duplicated.

Display manager with good basic functionality, but with very limited feature diversity

Display Assistant adequately does what it was meant to do – easily duplicate selected windows according to users’ choice. However, the application’s intuitive use becomes apparent only after users will experiment with the application, as it lacks a documentation or help of any kind.

Also on the downside of things, Display Assistant presents other weaknesses, and by far the most striking one is its very limited number of features and customization settings it has to offer. Users might notice its modest features and will request that extra edge in terms of customization.

Even more, its interface cannot be minimized to the taskbar and users can only choose for it to remain hidden in the tray area, this way making it harder to reach.

Useful application for multiple display management, but with too many drawbacks

For those looking for a no-brainer solution for maintaining consistent control on their windows that are spread over a series of monitors, Display Assistant could be the answer. It offers an easy-to-use layout and instantly duplicates the selected windows and content. Nevertheless, its straightforward use cannot compensate for its lack of other, much needed features. Demanding users will not be satisfied with its minimal performance and might look into other software solutions that offer an actual array of settings for the appearance, behavior or interaction of the cloned content.

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