Get creative and create colorful animations with this application that allows you to use images or videos and customize your GIFs with various effects.

  • SD Easy GIF
  • Version :4.6
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SoftDigi Team

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SD Easy GIF Description

Users who prefer to create animations as GIF images could have difficulties in finding a straightforward solution. Often times they might end up using complex software packages, which although offer increased functionality, could require advanced image processing knowledge. SD Easy GIF is an application that was developed as an accessible tool for creating custom animations with images or movies and it will also provide a basic image editor.

Friendly interface that offers a colorful collection of GIF design tools with disappointing handling capabilities

The application presents users with a layout that at first might seem attractive, but as soon as they enter its menus, reveals multiple shortcomings. Right from the start, when inputting images, people will have to bare with a fade-in / fade-out animation that could be quite annoying, as it increases the handling time considerably.

Furthermore, once an animation frame has been inserted and one adds images or videos to it, if inserting additional frames, the application will discard or hide the previously loaded media. This could impede the workflow and cause frustration among users.

Increase your creativity with the basic editing tools that complement the animation design features

People will be able to perform various basic image adjustments and add different effects, thanks to the included editor module. It will enable them to draw freely or create predefined structures and objects, all with customizable characteristics.

In addition to the GIF format, the application also supports exporting to AVI or SWF video formats, therefore increasing the possibilities for those who work with video files. Nevertheless, the counter-intuitive behavior mentioned in the previous paragraphs propagates throughout the utility’s menus and users might have difficulties in trying to input or export their creations.

Poor application for creating GIF animations with customizable image characteristics

SD Easy GIF could prove to be a useful tool for those who prefer a straightforward way of creating animations with their own image and video files. It will allow them to design their own animations, customize them through the help of a basic editor and save them in GIF, AVI or SWF formats. However, because it exhibits a counter-intuitive behavior when handling the media files, the application might not be the best of choices for those who require a reliable solution.

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