Portable Cent Browser

Surf the Internet with this multi-tabbed Chromium-based browser that allows you to save and manage bookmarks and receive translations from user-defined selections.

  • Portable Cent Browser
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Cent Studio

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Portable Cent Browser Description

Surfing the Internet’s many resources can be performed with a variety of browsers, from exotic and highly specialized applications to generic and powerful household name programs. Situated in between these two categories, Portable Cent Browser seeks to make a name for itself by providing a secure and highly accessible environment for surfing websites.

Employ mouse gestures for increased accessibility

Although it is still in the early stages of development, as not many product revisions have been released, it should be said that the browser sets off to conquer the world from a privileged position, being based on the time proven Chromium engine. However, this setup is not novel in any way and the open-source engine is employed by a wide variety of both common and less well-known browsers.

These things being said, the application features several options that distinguish it from other similar browsers. For example, one can issue and customize basic and complex mouse gestures, for quick access to commonly used functions. Also, once a gesture is performed, an intuitive popup allows users to assess the final result.

Browse anonymously with the Incognito mode

If needed, all the gestures can be customized in the settings window. Several other features are available, such as an “Incognito” browsing mode, in which no surfing records are kept, as well as a highly accessible bookmarks bar.

Besides all these peculiarities, the utility allows the usual Chromium-based ease of use, with multiple tabs or quick access buttons and context menu options.

On the whole, the tool comes across as a powerful and viable website browser

To conclude, Portable Cent Browser is a good tool for anyone in need of a Chromium-based browser for accessing online resources. It features all the great power of the popular open-source engine, to which it adds improved accessibility by way of customizable and comprehensive mouse gestures.

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